In September 2014 we introduced Read Write Inc. into our Academy. As a team, we work rigorously to challenge ourselves on the best ways to teach Phonics through Read Write Inc. Every term we invite a RWI consultant in to work alongside, challenge and coach our staff so that we are never complacent with our methods and delivery. We believe that staff should be upskilled constantly. All new staff receive RWI training before they start with us so that consistency continues.


We have a Reading Leader in our Academy who works alongside staff, team teaches and delivers Master Classes to them every week on areas which we need to improve upon.


In September 2015 we were awarded a trained school badge from Ruth Miskin as a reward for our loyalty, improved standards and fidelity to the programme. In December 2016, we are pleased to now be awarded ‘Model School’ status.


We were chosen in March 2016 to deliver a Phonics roadshow for the Department of Education, celebrating the success which we have had and continue to have with Phonics teaching and learning. We continue to showcase Phonics to other schools and have many visitors throughout the year observing Phonics approaches within our Academy. Our teachers work alongside teachers in other schools to improve their quality of Phonics. We passionately believe that every child should become an excellent reader.


From September 2016, Miss Ashton will be 1 of 5 Model RWI Teachers in the country. Lessons at JCA will be recorded as part of the RWI country-wide training programme. We welcome visits to our school to watch the teaching of Phonics, please contact the academy office to arrange this.